Sunday, July 10, 2011

3/365 Long Day's Journey Into Night

Okay, I actually liked this.  As usual, I probably didn't get it.  But I've read a good handful of plays about broken families, and this is the first one that seemed genuine.  Believable dysfunction.   I liked the way they would accuse each other, feel guilty, and half-try to make amends.  I mean, I didn't like it - I just thought it seemed so true to life.

I'm wondering if I should make an effort to see the movie.  It might be too sad.  I can read sad or bloody books without turning a hair, but sometimes movies are a bit too much.

What's it called, that connection with audiences?  Something about loosing yourself for a while.  Intro to Theatre had a term or phrase for it.  I forget.  I am a tiny bit distracted right now, to be honest. Pride and Prejudice is playing in the background.  I accidentally wrote "Long Day's Journey Into Jane."

CONCLUSION: Liked it, will probably watch the movie someday. Would consider seeing it on a stage if the chance ever came along.  I'd be interested to see how actors interpret the roles.

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