Wednesday, July 20, 2011

13/365 Dear James

This book made me feel somewhat less terrified to start art classes in the fall.   So many worries I've got about a possible future career in illustration were addressed.  The advice was really quite fantastic.

Among other things, he talked about how:

  • You have to be relaxed to do good work (which is not rocket science, yet I still try to sit down and force myself to, "just draw something good, dang it!")
  • Judging whether you're meant to do something by saying "would I die if I couldn't do this?" is ridiculous, 
  • It's okay to be interested in lots things. 

Which are three of the major things I was worrying about.  He said going to a liberal arts college as opposed to art school (like I'm doing) can give you, "an enlarged frame of reference," which in turn, "gives breadth to an image. "  Which is a nice thing to hear, for sure, even if I don't know what it means.

So, I enjoyed this book.   If I do become an artist, I'm going to tack up some of his quotes on the wall.  It would have been perfectly nice as a straight essay, but the format he put it in (letters to an imagined young illustrator, just starting out) made it more engaging.   If it had been letters to a just-starting-out mathematician I wouldn't have read it.  But in my present, panicky state, I'd be happy to clutch at any applicable advice I can find - be it much duller reading than this.

CONCLUSION:  Good advice is a nice thing.   I need to go work on my signature.  Apparently a good signature is important.  Should I go for a pen name of some sort?  (Are they called pen names for artists?  It makes sense.)  My name isn't snappy and charming.  Chopped to first initial and last name for the mysterious touch?  I have no idea.  I don't even have a nickname I could write with a facetious slash of the pen.   I don't know why it would be facetious.  I'm proud that I can spell facetious.

P.S. What a good girl I am.  I began reading this at about six, and now (after some interruptions) I'm finishing the blog post at nine.  I will be in bed before one o'clock.  I am so proud.

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