Sunday, November 27, 2011

58. Gigi by Colette

I love this story.  I love it.  I've read it before but, as you can see, I needed something to get me going again.  It's been a bruiser of a semester, and I barely have time to sit down, much less read.  I almost feared that I'd forgotten how to put my feet up and read for an hour.   But Kelsey, your worries were needless! You can still read something besides school schedules and the film critic in the newspaper.  (Who, incidentally, I honestly believe is the only good writer in the entire paper. Or even the only halfway decent one.  I can't make myself finish most of the other articles.  I'm no shakespeare - but a newspaper person who presumably lives by their pen ought not to have problems with verb tenses.  Come on now.)

CONCLUSION: I will read the rest of my Colette short stories when I have a chance.  I think I like her.  I wish I could've seen Audrey Hepburn play this role. Sigh.